About me

Hi, I am HE Tianmeng 何天萌, a doctoral student at Graduate School of Science, Kyoto Univercity.

Primates are important herbivores in many ecosystems. They are not only influenced by the plants they eat but also influence the ecosystem through eating plants. I am interested in how the properties of food influence the digestion of primates. Meanwhile, I am also interested in the ecological impact of primates. Since I become a student at Kyoto University, I have been focusing on the effects of diet composition, and dietary toughness on chewing and digestion in Japanese macaques.I am also interested in the behavior of primates. In my future studies, I plan to explore the cognition and behavior of macaques in captive and provisioned groups.

  • Primate feeding ecology
  • Fecal particle size of primates.
  • Ecosystem engineering in primates
  • Japanese macaques and white-headed langurs
  • Behavior and cognition of primates